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Stitch. is a multimedia stitching project and poem I made this semester. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever made. It was originally published on my school’s online magazine, buy provigil from canada.

Start by knowing nothing.
10 running stitches
A French knot
12 running stitches
Know a little more.
3 french knots
A smattering of bullion knots
5 chain stitches in one color
15 in a different color
Make pink thread look like veins
Button hole stitch 6 inches of thread
Back stitch around what you’ve done so far
Spider web stitch
Hate everything.
Blanket stitch 7.5 inches of thread
Make black thread look like teeth
Use thread the color of the sky
Make black thread look like teeth
Split stitch over everything
15 French knots
Stop crying
Frame it.
30 running stitches
Start to like yourself again
Grow 27 French knots on stalks
Kiss every finger
7 sideways rows of running stitches
Feel hope again.
34 un-attached chain stitches
Make a sun.
Grow more French knots on stalks
Close your eyes.
Use your reddest thread.
Open your eyes.
Make a web.
4 rows of running stitches.
Start something you hate.
Cover it up with something you don’t.
39 blanket stitches

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My fondest childhood memories of the holiday season involve our annual cookie decorating extravaganzas. My mom and Aunt Patty spent forever mixing and rolling out and cutting and baking batches and batches of cookies and then mixing and coloring and spreading icing and then yet another forever cleaning up after us sprinkle-loving creative kiddos. Now that I’m a semi-adult and it’s the holiday season, I wanted to re-create that with some of my friends here! We had a total blast watching Disney Movies, decorating cookies, and drinking our spiked hot chocolate!

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In the foreground, my roommate’s boyfriend eats a snowflake-shaped cookie while my other roommate (I have 2!) makes one of her signature derp faces in the background.
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A friend and roommate struggle a little with the buy provigil amazon canned icing, which was otherwise easy-peasy and tasty too!

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Here I am gettin’ real serious with my cookies.
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Two former roommates and good friends giggle merrily
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A kind soul brought us a pizza so we ate and watched High School Musical 3 when the decorating wound down.

I had such a great time with all you lovely ladies (and some lads!)! Thanks for coming to our first annual cookie decorating extravaganza!

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I will be done with the semester in less than two weeks (!!) and I have lots of work to do. I wish with all my might that I could tell you I’ve been working hard like the perfect student you all want me to be, but instead I have been sitting in bed dreaming about ways to  buy provigil cheap up my room.  I have furniture– bed/desk/bookshelf/nightstand/lamps– so I’m not living in an empty room. When we moved in I intentionally kept my room pretty blah, but now we’ve lived here for four months and I have a sense of what the space feels like and how I want to use it. Here are my ideas- suggestions and recommendations welcome!


Mostly I just want a place to display the typewriter I got for Christmas last year, but my current bookshelf isn’t deep enough. Also, I don’t have all my books in NYC yet, so I don’t need a huge bookcase for my whole collection. I like the look of that blue dresser with the prints over it, so I thought I would recreate that with a bookshelf!


These are just various things I’ve seen around the internet that I’ve taken a liking to. My love affair with gold has surprised me this fall– it makes an appearance in almost everything I pin to my buy provigil france board. My crafting supplies are about to outgrow their space in my desk drawers, so they’ve got to find a new home. That ikea bar cart is a perfect size for a little craft corner (although to be completely honest I’m running out of corners!).


Currently, I have under-bed storage, and all my clothes that don’t go on hangers (pants, workout clothes, socks, underwear, etc.) are in one drawer and it’s driving me nuts. I saw this buy cheap generic provigil a few weeks ago and was smitten. I’d like to keep all my makeup/jewelry/clothes that don’t go on hangers in here so I can just close the doors and be done. And put stuff I don’t need every day in the drawer (cleaning/laundry supplies).

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I just got back to NYC from Boulder yesterday afternoon and didn’t even have time to go back to my apartment before class, which I think tells you a little about how my next two weeks are going to go. I’m missing home a lot today, so I thought I’d share one of my favorite making-related quotes. I am incredibly thankful for the weekend I had with my family in Boulder, and I am ready to kick some ass here at the end of the semester in NYC. December can be insane so don’t forget to carve out a little you-time to make something!