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The Venn Diagram of people who are happy about summer’s arrival includes: students, east coasters who dealt with the polar vortex, and people who like to eat outside. If I could, I would draw this diagram for you, with a big “ME!” printed right in the middle of the intersection of all three. Sadly, I can’t draw, so I’m going to have to ask you to do the work for me and imagine. If this were a particularly fancy diagram, I would include the above picture of me twirling too (it’s probably a good thing I’m not a designer, no?). PS: My poor, long suffering boyfriend had to take about 30 pictures of me twirling in front of my front door until I got the right one. He’s a keeper.

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I had a hard & long week between school ending, going on some interviews for jobs I really wanted (that didn’t pan out, sad trombone), and going on interviews for more jobs I also wanted (that did pan out! happy trombone!), so it felt really good to doll up & sit in the sun. This dress is one of the ones that I always know will make me feel really good. It’s pretty durable so I never have to worry about being too precious, which makes it the perfect dress for sitting in the grass, eating messy food, and going on adventures in!

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I’ve had this dress for… forever, I think (and therefore can’t remember where I got it?). I style it buy provigil cheap online buy provigil over the counter I wear it. This time I paired it with an buy provigil dubai and sandals I’ve also had forever. I slapped on my fav pink lipstick and went to hang out in Washington Square Park with somebuy provigil drug! This weekend is dedicated to lounging, going on New York City adventures, and working on some projects that I’m excited to show you guys! What are you up to this weekend?


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DSC_0514Have you ever seen a craft and thought “dang, I’d love to try that, but I’m too worried about getting a visit from the craft troll who screws up my projects and makes me scared of trying new things forever and ever?” Me too! It’s also how I used to feel about buy provigil online from canada until Monday evening! I rounded up my boyfriend and his best friend to go on a crafty friend date to learn about, and play with,the awesome photo-reactive dye (for free!). How cute are they?

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buy provigil generic hosted us at the super awesome Brooklyn co-working space, buy genuine provigil.  Champagne & the yummiest looking snacks greeted us when we arrived, so I knew it was going to be an awesome night no matter how our crafts worked out.  The representative from Lumi, Jessie, was super sweet. She had on the raddest floral skirt, knew her sh*t on the science side of things, and was just generally the perfect person to teach us all about Inkodye. Sadly I don’t have any pictures of her, but if her bosses are reading this, she was the best!

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This is me starting my astronaut tote bag project.

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Inkodye is so much fun you guys. The mess is super minimal if you’re even a little careful, and even though it smells a little like cat pee (because of the ammonia), it’s super super easy to work with. If you’re allergic to perfection like I am, this is the craft for you. You don’t need to be precise or deal with small pieces or anything, you just splooge on the dye, blot of the excess, lay down your pattern and off you go.

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We used UV lamps to activate the dye because our event took place at night! You can see my astronaut pattern peeking out here. The dye is activated by UV/sunlight, so the printing with it works the same as printing a photo negative- wherever the light hits will be activated, and wherever it doesn’t will stay the background provigil in canada

Finished product! See what I mean about perfection being overrated? I love the condensation spots (the orange bits) where the dye didn’t fully activate. The only thing you have to remember is that the dye stays photo reactive until you wash it out of your fabric, so keep it away from the sun until you wash it or else the un-developed parts will start developing and you’ll lose your pattern! Oh no!

buy provigil in south africaLumi hooked us UP with some takeaway kits & a free month of Creativebug classes in these cute little boxes! Thank you so much to Makeshift Society, Lumi & Creativebug for such a fun evening!

PS: I’m a Whimseybox influencer now! If you want to try some Inkodye crafts for yourself, use buy provigil india to buy your supplies, and I’ll a) love you forever, and b) get a % of that sale to put towards more awesome crafts and content for you guys!