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Happy Friday my lovelies! I hope you have the most amazing weekend planned- I know I do!
I want to start out this week’s Friday Finds with a shout out: I’ve committed to the buy provigil online overnight– with a twist! He’s doing it for $0 and a gift as a run-up to burning man and a celebration of his abundance. I’ve worked with some seriously top-tier fitness professionals and John is by far the most positive and fun, as well knowing his sh*t up one side and down the other, and providing a kick-ass workout, natch. Check him out!

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I am all about no-sew projects, and these buy provigil amazon would make the perfect sunglasses or gadget case.

The Etsy Craft Party in Boulder was so much fun, and Two Hands Paperie did buy provigil at walmart.

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Making & watching TV go together like wine & cheese: there’s no way to do it wrong (are you sensing a theme on this blog? This is a judgement free making zone!) but there are definitely ways to do it oh-so-right. Now, imagine me in my best snooty-sommelier voice, recommending the very best craft and DIY pairings.

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If the craft you desire to work on is embroidery, may I suggest the British TV classic, Downton Abbey. A calm base of family dynamics in the midst of quickly evolving early 20th century Britain has notes of intense drama and tear-jearking moments of both the happy and sad variety.

2. Parks and Recreation

Office dynamics and small town antics are the driving force of this NBC sit-com. Though not for everyone, but those who enjoy the not-so-subtle humor of Parks and Recreation are a die hard bunch. With 6 seasons available online and a 7th starting in the fall, you’ll have plenty of time to “treat yo’ self” to buy brand provigil online your heart desires.

3. Firefly

Ahh, a sci-fi lover, I see. Well then I would definitely recommend the cult classic, Firefly. This witty, gritty show about “space cowboys” will warm your heart and keep you in stitches. To stick with the futuristic theme, I suggest working on a wearable electronics project, like this buy provigil canada.

4. Bob’s Burgers

I can tell that what you’re after is an amazing comedy about a tight-knit family, complete with well-rounded child characters, plenty of poop jokes, and fort building. Bob’s Burgers is a grown-up animated series that’s probably appropriate for your middle-school aged child, so why not try a project best served family-style, like buy provigil canada pharmacy or building a buy

5. Bomb Girls

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Like Orange is the New Black, this show takes women and places them somewhere we don’t usually think about them: working in a bomb factory. Bomb Girls is an imported Canadian variety that features strong female friendships, canonically queer characters, and historical context. A perfect pairing for this rare show would be making your own (usually) factory made items like buy provigil online canada, buy generic provigil canada, and, of course, buy provigil cheap.

Well, there you have it! My recommendations for the best crafting & TV pairings out there! All of these shows can be found on Netflix, buy provigil cheap online, or Amazon Instant, and many of them can be found on more than one!


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Happy 4th y’all! I hope you’re having a lovely day grilling and BBQing and laying by various bodies of water and watching fireworks! I have mixed feelings about the holiday but I love me some BBQ and watermelon and sky explosions, so I’ll take it. Here’s some stuff for you to check out on your day off!

Sometimes I see a Pinterest DIY and think maaaybe you shouldn’t cover that with glitter. buy provigil europe is definitely not one of those thing.

I think the buy provigil forum is a really sane way of living your life- here’s a great (practical!) guide to making it happen for yourself.

My buy provigil from mexico is watching TV with people who want to talk through it, and also football games. I know that makes me a bad American, but damn.

As both a Game of Throne fan and a Frozen fan, buy provigil fast shipping.

Brit & Co has a buy provigil from uk! Someone take it and report back to me.

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I loved looking at these buy provigil france.

This where can i buy provigil forum was so freaking good. Did you know there’s gluten-free panko? It changes everything.

Have a great weekend!

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I can’t remember the last time I shopped at Hobby Lobby, and they’re usually completely off my radar but yesterday’s buy provigil india that exempts religious companies from the contraceptive mandate part of the Affordable Care Act, they’ve jumped back into view giving crafting enthusiasts a bad-rap. Instead of ranting about how fu**ed up the ruling is, I’ll channel my disappointment into something more productive. Here are 10 brick-and-mortar and online places to get all the supplies your heart desires. Without further ado, here is a quick and dirty list of places that are not Hobby Lobby:

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