India: Mumbai

Whitney Penn India 2015 CoverThis is part one of a series on my trip to India. I shared all of these of pictures on Instagram while we were there, and those pictures have in-depth captions and explanations. These posts are a gloss on my favorite parts of each city we went to. For more information on any specific picture, you can hop over to my Instagram or Edward’s and scroll back until January! Photos taken by Edward will be credited underneath.
Photo by Edward

We were so fortunate to stay with a friend and his family in the sprawling city of Mumbai. We spent a lot of time with our friend’s friends, doing things that 20-something students in this city do: wander around, go shopping, one night we ordered pizza and watched a movie. We all drove at some point or another, both on the left side of the road and in manual cars.
Some photos by Edward Smith

The view from Prithvi’s apartment + early morning on the sea link + when Edward climbed the top of Prithvi’s roof + driving along the sea link, a beautiful new bridge + “the car probably won’t blow up” + “let’s go for a drive” “I’m bored” + the 50 people that crawl out of the woodwork when you get into a car accident + getting pulled over + cars getting towed + Edward driving in midday traffic + “why is the car making that sound?”
2015-03-04 13.24.20middle photo by Edward

Wandering around Mumbai on a Sunday morning + riding the train + Victoria Terrminus (recently renamed Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus) + the smell of jasmine + victorian buildings with a twist.

2015-03-04 13.25.05

Book stores + vendors with overflowing stacks + painted trees + using our NYC ignore everyone superpower to our advantage + carrying giant bottles of water + not understanding cricket at all even a little bit + waiting for the sun to go down + walking through campus at dusk.

2015-03-04 13.25.09

The weird mall where we got our henna + going through metal detectors everywhere + eating KFC + sitting in bars all afternoon + dressing conservatively + wishing we could talk to every single person forever + people taking pictures of us while we walked by + swarms of people asking us for our picture everywhere.

2015-03-04 13.26.01

Getting dressed up for no reason + crossing wearing a sari off my bucket list + taking hundreds of pictures + watching people stare at Edward in his kurta + lusting after every textile I saw.