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I was inspired to do a glitter phone case by J Crew, who had one a few seasons ago that I completely lusted after but never bought because I hate myself/was going through a weird time in my life when I didn’t like what J Crew like stood for, y’know. Anyways, I’m past that now and I’m kind of glad I couldn’t find a glittery case when I emerged from the dark ages because I decided to make one and then when I was out buying glitter, I got to text my boyfriend the phrase “hide yo kids, hide yo wives, cause I’m glittering EVERYTHING up in here.” Dreams do come true, kids.

buy brand provigil onlineI bought 24 different colors of glitter instead of just the silver I needed. So? Get out of my face. You can never have too much glitter. I was so excited. I still am excited. Expect lots and lots and lots of glitter in the coming forever. I love glitter. Glitter glitter glitter. I digress.

What You’ll Need: 
buy provigil canada. I got matte, but you’re allowed to use whatever you want.
buy provigil canada pharmacy. Martha Stewart glitter is the. best. glitter. out there. Hands down. Don’t even try other glitter. Don’t even look at it. Don’t even think about it (a caveat to this is that it’s not food safe- if anyone has a good food-safe glitter, please let me know in the comments).
– A phone case. I got mine at a dollar store here in the city, but you could get one anywhere you see fit. Mine is one of those gel-like ones. I also got a white/clear color so it wouldn’t be a total pain to paint over. The glitter won’t completely cover the case, so get a plain color if you don’t want it to show through. Of course as I type this, I’m thinking of all the cute patterns you put glitter on.
– Paintbrush/stir stick.
– Container. I used a plastic cup, but my favorite thing to use for this kind of thing is sushi takeout containers.


Okay– here’s what I did: Pour about a tablespoon of mod podge in your cup/bowl/takeout container and add about 2 teaspoons of glitter. Keep in mind that the mod podge dries clear, so the color of the mix isn’t the color that’ll actually end up on your case.


Here’s the case with one wet coat of glitter/mod podge mix.


See how the glitter spreads out? Add more to the mod podge!buy

After a while (like 5 coats) I gave up trying to paint the glitter on and just sprinkled it on the case. I did it in a line and the spread it out with a paintbrush that had some of the mod podge on it. Do this in coats too, or else you’ll get glitter clumps on the back of your case. I did this a bunch of times until I could hold up the case to light and couldn’t really see through in most places. Do it on the sides too, but use a smaller brush. For reference, I ended up using about a quarter of the little .37 oz bottle (I googled that, btw, I didn’t just know how big the bottles are). Prop up on something so none of the painted parts touch anything- with the prop where the phone would go, if that makes sense. I used a mint tin.

glitter case real

Here it is all done! See? I’m very casually talking on the phone while my boyfriend takes pictures of me. 100% casual and  certified un-staged.*

*A little staged.

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My wonderful roommate turned 21 on Friday! When I popped into Urban Outfitters  a few weeks ago, I couldn’t find a gift worthy of her sparkling spirit. I had decided on “spa in a box,” (an old standby gift of mine that consists of a beloved movie, some form of Lush product, and fuzzy socks/eye mask/those manicure glove things) and was walking out of the store when I spotted buy provigil fast shipping. Like a moth to a glittery flame, I was drawn to it. $18?! I could make this for cheaper!  And before I got home I had ordered all the bits I’d need on amazon for $35. Ah well. Since I’m fairly new at this game, I didn’t just have gems and glue on hand. I think of them as an investment in my crafty future.

Here’s what you’ll need: 
buy provigil from uk I got this one because the amazon reviews were good and the lid is attached. Seems important. Be sure you wash yours before you drink out of it.
buy provigil fast. I got these because they’re cheap and there were lots of them. In retrospect, I wish they were a little smaller so I could’ve gotten them closer together and covered more of the flask.
buy provigil online from canada. I got E6000 because that’s what buy provigil france told me to get and she’s always right.

Here’s how I did it: 

Processed with VSCOcam

Use a q-tip to apply glue to the backs of the gems.

Processed with VSCOcamMy strategy was to push down on the tube of glue till a little poked out and then kind of wipe it with the q-tip. You only need a little

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See how little glue you need? Just smush it around the back of the gem. If you had a smaller gem, this might be a little harder but not impossible. Mine ranged from 1″ to 1/2″ in case you were curious.

buy provigil genericPush your gem down for about 3 seconds to attach it. Mine has a curve to it, so the ones on the edge stick up a little. Since I’m giving this to my roommate, I’m not too worried about the gems catching on something and falling off. If one does, I can just glue it back on for her. If you were making this for your bff across the country, don’t put gems so close to the edge. Or just include some extra gems.

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Go crazy with your gems! Mine ended up ALL over my desk while I picked the favorites that I wanted to use.

buy provigil not genericI worked from the right hand down on the front side and from the middle out on the back. I think the front looks better, but I wanted to try different strategies so I could tell you which works better.

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Voila! Happy glittery drinking!